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TacoTime Franchise Review: Interview with Trea Latimer-Stilinovich

Multi-unit TacoTime franchise owner opens up about how the beloved Mexican franchise allowed her to control her own future

In the Pacific Northwest, TacoTime is a treasured institution. Founded in 1960, our brand has garnered a devoted following for our commitment to exceptional customer service and our belief that real, fresh ingredients make better food. Our brand loyalty is so strong that it extends beyond our customers to the employees in our stores, many of whom have graduated to becoming TacoTime franchise owners in their own right.

This was exactly what happened to Trea Latimer-Stilinovich, who has been with TacoTime the entirety of her professional life, starting from the age of 17. Trea began her career with TacoTime as a crew member and is now one of the most successful franchise owners in the TacoTime network, with five locations in Idaho.

“TacoTime has made a tremendous difference in my life,” says Trea. “When I started with TacoTime as a teenager, I never would have expected to become a franchise owner. It was a gradual process, where the opportunities for career growth kept presenting themselves, as I worked my way up through management roles. When the opportunity to become a franchise owner came up, I took it because this brand has become like a second family to me.”

Since 1960, TacoTime has given hundreds of successful entrepreneurs like Trea their entree into small business ownership as we have grown to nearly 300 established locations in the Pacific Northwest. TacoTime has become a customer favorite, growing organically as a result of our popular, proven menu that infuses traditional Mexican fare with a playful sensibility and our commitment to exceptional customer service. For a modest initial investment — a traditional TacoTime store ranges from $200,150 to $819,050 — a new TacoTime franchise is a remarkably affordable opportunity to take part in a potentially lucrative growth market.

The TacoTime promise: real, fresh ingredients make better food


Nachos with cilantro beans sour cream and guacamole


In the Mexican QSR franchise space, TacoTime has a menu that is truly something to behold. While offering an assortment of customizable tacos, burritos, salads, nachos and quesadillas, TacoTime has been incredibly inventive. Our wildly popular Mexi-Fries® are our take on tater tots, which can be dunked into one or all of our proprietary salsas or stuffed with melted cheese. Our Crisp Burritos, all of which are rolled by hand, come in four varieties and pack a lot of flavor within the crunch of a fried tortilla shell. TacoTime goes further than other brands — offering vegetarian options, kids meals and an ever-changing array of limited-time and seasonal offerings that keep our customers excited to come back.

“People don’t realize how much goes into the food behind the scenes, but it doesn’t matter. Once the customer tastes it, they are hooked,” Trea says. “We make our food fresh daily, and our quality of product is a matter of pride for us. It is a real differentiator between us and our competitors. Our food is really the reason that TacoTime has been able to remain successful across several decades, and why our customers cannot wait to come back.”

TacoTime is a profitable business with a proven business model

According to the latest Item 19 in the TacoTime Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), the top 10 percent of TacoTime franchise stores posted average gross sales of almost $1.1 million in 2015 per store. This is the second year average sales have approached $1.1 million, and in the coveted Top 10% category, average sales were up almost $20,000 per store, underscoring the consistent performance and growth of the TacoTime brand.

$1 Million TacoTime Average Unit Sales Revenue


TacoTime posted average gross sales of $571,692 per store, which showed double-digit growth over the average gross sales per store in 2014. The significant increases in average gross sales from one year to the next reinforce the notion that TacoTime is a best-bet investment in Mexican QSR franchise segment.

As TacoTime continues to grow, Trea is growing right alongside
“I am working on the buildout for our new Nampa location, and that is exciting,” she says. “I’ve grown so much professionally because of the opportunities that TacoTime has given me and the risks that I have taken. Being a business owner is something that I am very passionate about and care very deeply about. It has been wonderful!”

Bring TacoTime to your community today

TacoTime is ready for the spotlight. With nearly 300 locations in the United States and Canada, the beloved Mexican food franchise is ready to break out of its home turf in the Pacific Northwest and hit the national stage. TacoTime is actively looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing authentic and affordable Mexican food to their communities. To learn more about TacoTime, visit the Franchise Information Portal. Or download the free Franchise Information Report.


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