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TacoTime® Franchise Latest FDD Shows Growth and Consistency

Beloved Mexican QSR franchise continues to grow sales and stores

TacoTime is growing, and there has never been a better time to join the beloved Mexican QSR franchise. That’s the takeaway from the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) the company recently published.

“2015 was a great year for TacoTime,” said TacoTime Brand President Kevin Gingrich. “We saw growth in average gross sales, and the top 10% of stores also saw sales growth — showing that TacoTime is a great opportunity for investors looking to get into the Mexican restaurant business.”

Owner of TacoTime holding a tray of foodTacoTime is a beloved Mexican QSR franchise that has been bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to the Pacific Northwest since 1960. With approximately 300 established locations and a popular, proven menu that infuses traditional Mexican fare with a playful sensibility, TacoTime is a customer favorite in the nearly $40 billion annual Mexican food industry[1]. For a modest initial investment for traditional TacoTime stores ranging from $200,150 to $819,050, a new TacoTime franchise is a remarkably affordable opportunity to take part in a potentially lucrative growth market.

While 2015 was a banner year, the future continues to look bright for TacoTime as the company seeks entrepreneurs ready to take Mexican QSR to the next level. Take a look at how TacoTime stacked up in 2015.

Top TacoTime franchisees post almost $1.1 million average revenues — again

tacotime info 2 QSR Franchise

The top 10 percent of TacoTime franchise stores posted average gross sales of almost $1.1 million in 2015 per store, according to the latest Item 19 disclosures in the FDD. This is the second year average sales have approached $1.1 million, and in the coveted Top 10% category, average sales were up almost $20,000 per store, underscoring the consistent performance and growth of the TacoTime brand.

Overall, TacoTime franchise owners enjoyed a banner year in 2015, and the company overall posted average gross sales of $571,692 per store. This figure was up over 2014, when average gross sales came in at $567,884, also reinforcing the brand’s consistent performance in the Mexican QSR franchise market.

Our franchise owners continued to see sales growth in 2015, and they’re just as excited about the future of TacoTime® as we are,” Kevin said. “Looking forward, we’re going to keep growing the brand, adding new franchises and providing our signature quality and service to our brand’s customers.”

Mexican QSR is a popular segment

Every year, millions of Americans step into any one of the more than 54,000 Mexican food restaurants across the country[2], according to CHD Experts, and they spend nearly $40 billion while doing so — dining on tacos, burritos and other traditional and fusion Mexican menu items.

For almost 60 years, TacoTime has made a promise to its growing base of wildly enthusiastic customers: TacoTime uses fresh, real ingredients that make better food. This belief is at the heart of TacoTime’s core values, and in the Mexican QSR franchise space, the TacoTime menu is truly something to behold.

Blending traditional Mexican cuisine with a unique, flavorful twist, TacoTime keeps customers coming back with entertaining and inventive regular, special and seasonal dishes. TacoTime fans take to the Internet to sing the food’s praises.

“TacoTime’s menu is a culinary delight for all foodies,” says online reviewer Frank B. “Some of the highlights are the Mexi-Fries, Soft Taco and plain regular Taco, which are just many of the wonderful tasty treats you can order. And if you just wanna nibble, they serve half-size orders for your cravings. … If you grew up in the NW then you know what I’m talking about. … And those thinking about trying it, don’t think just do! Viva TacoTime!”

From unique and quality cuisine to record-setting sales, there has never been a better time to join TacoTime.

Learn more about bringing TacoTime to your neighborhood

Now in the midst of a major growth push, TacoTime is looking for individuals who have the vision, the talent and the passion it takes to succeed. New and experienced entrepreneurs alike are bringing TacoTime to their communities. To learn more about TacoTime, visit the Franchise Information Portal. Or download the free Franchise Information Report.

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[2], “The Mexican Restaurant Industry Landscape: A Popular Choice for Cinco De Mayo and All Year Long,” Apr. 2014

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