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TacoTime Franchisee Reviews

Owners of the premier Mexican restaurant franchise share their personal TacoTime franchise reviews

TacoTime® is fortunate to have enthusiastic, passionate and driven franchise owners. With locations in the United States and Canada, our franchise network is rapidly expanding. Our franchise owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds, professional histories and cultures. Their decision to go into business for themselves, combined with their passion for TacoTime’s delicious food and a willingness to provide exceptional service to their customers, has helped make TacoTime great since we served our first taco nearly 60 years ago. In return, we do everything in our power to help our owners run their businesses. Here is what our franchise owners have to say about their experience with TacoTime Mexican restaurant franchises:

President of our Mexican restaurant franchise

“I’ve been with TacoTime for over 30 years. My wife and I began working at a TacoTime in our hometown in Canada, and in 1987, we moved to the United States to manage several locations for a TacoTime franchise owner. We opened up our own store 10 years later in Utah in 1997. The reason I have stayed with TacoTime is because I absolutely love the product. In the 1990s, I was drawn to work for a TacoTime competitor, but I came rushing back. The competitor was emptying their food out of bags and serving that to their customers — there was no pride. With TacoTime, the food tasted great the very first time I tried it in high school and still tastes great today. I eat it every single chance I get. When your customers love your product, they crave it more and more. Now as TacoTime moves forward, we want to find entrepreneurs who not only love the food and are passionate about the food, but who also have the desire to grow in their communities. Now is a great time to become a TacoTime franchise owner.”

– Kevin Gingrich, owner of several TacoTime franchise locations in Utah

“I started working at TacoTime when I was 17. I was promoted to a supervisor, and then a year later I became a store manager of the Nampa location. From there, I was promoted to district manager, then general manager, and about 12 years ago, my partners gave me an opportunity to become an owner. I was always intrigued by working with people — I loved customers and my employees, so I felt that I could make a difference in their lives through teaching proper work ethic. I have always loved TacoTime and the quality of our products. Currently, I am working on the buildout for our new Nampa location, and that is exciting. I’ve grown so much professionally because of the opportunities that TacoTime has given me and the risks that I have taken. Being a business owner is something that I am very passionate about and care very deeply about. It has been wonderful!”

– Trea Latimer-Stilinovich, owner of five TacoTime franchise locations in Idaho

“Taking the bull by the horns and buying our first TacoTime restaurant is a decision I would make again, because we have. This is a brand that truly listens to their franchise owners. We have input on nearly everything — from national marketing strategies to new menu items. The camaraderie we have with other franchise owners is much different than what I have heard from my friends in other franchise systems. We tackle everything together. This is due to leadership. Our brand president is a franchise owner, so he knows what the brand’s strengths are and what we struggle with. However, what makes TacoTime truly unique is how loyal our customers really are. We have folks that come to our restaurants multiple times a week. When a college student comes home, they often stop at one of my restaurants before seeing Mom and Dad. What other brand can say that about their customers? TacoTime is an experience that people really crave again and again.”

– Denise Staley, co-owner of several TacoTime franchise locations in Wyoming

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