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Why Do Our Customers Love Us?

The combination of delicious food prepared daily in-house and a focus on exceptional customer service makes TacoTime a top Mexican food franchise

While other brands boast about their “cult-like followings,” TacoTime® is a beloved treasure of many communities across the United States and Canada. Founded in 1960, TacoTime has never wavered in our commitment to use only the freshest ingredients, which are then prepared daily in-house by our growing network of franchise owners and their employees. While TacoTime offers delectable food, our focus on exceptional customer service is our secret recipe. Take a look at a TacoTime franchise review from several of our loyal customers.

“In offering the best tasting food for the best prices, it is very easy to win new customers,” says Denise Staley, owner of several TacoTime franchise restaurants in Wyoming. “However, what makes TacoTime truly unique is how loyal our customers really are. We have folks that come to our restaurants multiple times over the course of the week. When a college student comes home, they often stop at one of my restaurants before seeing Mom and Dad. What other brand can say that about their customers? TacoTime is an experience that people really crave to have again and again.”

This is what our customers have to say in their TacoTime franchise review:

“Anytime is TacoTime, and it shows!” Frank B. exclaims in a five-star review on Yelp! “Nobody makes a crisp beef burrito like TacoTime does. … The flakiness of the deep-fried crust and meat grease all blend together to make one of the finest fast-food delicacies on the planet! Even the crispy bean burrito is awesome! TacoTime’s menu is a culinary delight for all foodies. Some of the highlights are the Mexi-Fries, Soft Taco and plain regular Taco, which are just many of the wonderful tasty treats you can order. And if you just wanna nibble, they serve half-size orders for your cravings. … If you grew up in the NW then you know what I’m talking about. … And those thinking about trying it, don’t think just do! Viva TacoTime!”

Delicious burritos come along with TacoTime franchise opportunities dessert at TacoTime: a top Mexican food franchise

“Whenever I come home to see Mom and Dad, I always make time for a TacoTime pit stop,” Kathleen L. reports in a five-star review on Yelp! “I just can’t say no to the beef crispy burrito (which is more like a bigger, fatter version of a taquito) and the Mexi-Fries. Why can’t there be a TacoTime in California?”

With exceptional brand loyalty, see how the TacoTime franchise opportunities could be the right fit for you!

“I’ve loved this place for many, many years,” Lori T. explains in a five-star review on Yelp! “The taco salads and tostada salads are my favorite, but the Mexi-Fries, crispy burritos, and soft fish tacos are also great! This is our ‘go-to’ restaurant when we need something fast, healthy and satisfying!”

“A TacoTime just minutes from my apartment? Dangerous. But dang, how could you resist?,” asks Red B. in a five-star review on Yelp! “As far as the food goes — it’s TacoTime. If you’ve had it, you know how good it is. I consider it somewhere between fast food and a sit-down Mexican restaurant without the hipstery-ness of its cousin Chipotle. Easily better than the Taco Bell down the street, because — hello — tater tots. … As usual, the staff is very friendly and will bring the food to your table. They were even walking by another table, noticed they were low on salsa, and brought them a new cup-full! Good stuff as usual, TacoTime.”

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