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Create More Jobs With A TacoTime Franchise

How to Create More Jobs with a TacoTime Franchise

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the food service industry hard, shuttering restaurants and forcing restaurant owners to lay off or reduce working hours for employees. The good news is that research shows the restaurant job market is undoubtedly rebounding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry grew by 600,000 jobs in September. However, the restaurant labor market still hasn’t returned to pre-pandemic levels, and returning to normal is a long road ahead.

A TacoTime franchise can offer an excellent opportunity to create jobs locally, drive down the unemployment rate, and help the U.S. restaurant industry rebound. More and more, workers are beginning to view the restaurant and hospitality industry as not just a job, but a career. And as a beloved eatery offering a twist on traditional Mexican fare since 1960, TacoTime is a time-tested investment opportunity that can bring quality jobs to communities across the U.S.

TacoTime is an easy-to-run business with a fresh and delicious menu that keeps customers wanting more. The menu offers customers a variety of customizable tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and salads that are quality, fast and affordable. The TacoTime franchise is growing nationwide, and an investment in the brand is a solid business opportunity that can boost the restaurant job market in your community.

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Bring TacoTime to Your Community

According to CHD Experts, there are more than 54,000 Mexican restaurants across the U.S., and IBISWorld reports that they generate nearly $40 billion in annual sales. Without a doubt, Mexican fast food franchises are on the rise, and there are plenty of options for American consumers to choose from. But TacoTime has built its loyal customer base from the ground up, standing apart as a brand that uses fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients and prepares many products by hand on a daily basis.

First opened in 1960 by World War II navy veteran Ron Fraedrick, TacoTime rapidly grew into a popular franchise in the following decades, giving investors a chance to be a part of a brand that offers fast and delicious food and exceptional customer service.

The initial investment to bring TacoTime to your community is between $331,150 and $734,800, with a high potential for profit and no previous restaurant experience required. Franchise owners will also receive guidance from the franchise support team on opening and operating the business throughout the process, from setting up the facility and hiring new employees to advertising the business and understanding the local market. The franchise offers ongoing training and support, and with the team’s assistance, franchisees can be open in as little as six months.

Learn More about the TacoTime Franchise Opportunity!

For more information about bringing TacoTime to your community, why customers love this brand, and the ins and outs of owning and running this small business, visit our research pages here.

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