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What’s Special About Our Menu?

The premier Mexican food and taco franchise is delivering what customers want: food made with the freshest ingredients served up fast at an affordable price

For over 60 years, TacoTime® has made a promise to our growing base of wildly enthusiastic customers: TacoTime was founded with the belief that fresh, real ingredients make better food. This promise is what is making TacoTime franchises one of the top taco franchises.

This belief is at the heart of our core values, and it is central to our longevity and rapid ascension as one of the top taco franchises in the United States. Of the more than 54,000 Mexican food restaurants in America, counted by CHD Experts, our customers have numerous choices for Mexican food, yet they choose TacoTime because of our tireless commitment to producing food prepared in-house with only the freshest ingredients — in many cases, by hand and from scratch. This commitment has paid off and our customers are voting with their wallets.

In the Mexican QSR franchise space, TacoTime has a menu that is truly something to behold. While offering an assortment of customizable tacos, burritos, salads, nachos and quesadillas, TacoTime has been incredibly inventive, incorporating a playful sensibility into traditional Mexican fare. Our wildly popular Mexi-Fries are our take on tater tots, which can be dunked into one or all of our proprietary salsas, or smothered with melted cheese. Our Crisp Burritos, all of which are rolled by hand, come in three varieties and pack in a lot of flavor within the crunch of a fried tortilla shell. TacoTime goes further than other brands — offering vegetarian options and an ever-changing array of limited-time and seasonal offerings that keep our customers excited to come back.

“The key difference with TacoTime is our taste profile,” says TacoTime’s Director of Operations. “It tastes good because of the seasonings that we have, which are proprietary spice blends created for TacoTime. But our bigger unique factor is how many items we make in-house.

From our hand-rolled Crisp Burritos, to making the taco shells — which most people don’t even know that we do — to the array of other items that are made in-house, we do it all from scratch. We make our own salsas and cook our own taco meat every two hours. The norm in the QSR space is where brands bring in products through the back door, maybe reheat it or just pour it out of a bag. We don’t do that. We cook it in-house, and that’s why it tastes better.”

By delivering fresh and better food, TacoTime franchise owners are meaningful members of their communities

TacoTime has become a beloved treasure with a wildly enthusiastic customer base since our first location opened in Eugene, Oregon, in 1960. Now with locations across the U.S. and Canada our secret is serving up Mexican food made with only the freshest ingredients — that’s just as important to us as it is to our brand’s customers.

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Where other fast-food Mexican restaurants cut corners, we take the time to do it right. As a result, TacoTime has franchise owners who have operated great businesses for 20, 30 and even 40 years.

For Denise Staley, who co-owns several TacoTime franchise restaurants in Wyoming, the premier Mexican franchise has given her family a chance at building a future of their own making. She and her husband bought their first location from her in-laws several years ago.

“Taking the bull by the horns and buying our first TacoTime restaurant is a decision I would make again, because we have,” Denise says. “This is a brand that truly listens to their franchise owners. We have input on nearly everything — from national marketing strategies to new menu items. The camaraderie we have with other franchise owners is much different than what I have heard from my friends in other franchise systems. We tackle everything together.

Outside one of our top taco franchises“This is due to leadership,” she adds. “Our brand president is a franchise owner, so he knows what the brand’s strengths are and what we struggle with. However, what makes TacoTime truly unique is how loyal our customers really are. We have folks that come to our restaurants multiple times a week. When a college student comes home, they often stop at one of my restaurants before seeing Mom and Dad. What other brand can say that about their customers? TacoTime is an experience that people really crave again and again.”

TacoTime is rapidly expanding across the nation, proving itself as one of the top taco franchises

With a low initial investment, our taco franchise opportunities provide the chance for new and experienced entrepreneurs alike to bring the premier Mexican QSR franchise to hundreds of communities who want their Mexican food served fast without sacrificing quality, freshness and taste. While TacoTime franchise owners and their employees cook and prepare many of our products in-house on a daily basis, an entrepreneur doesn’t need to have restaurant or cooking experience to franchise with us.

A unique element of our experienced business model, rapidly approaching 60 years in business, is that our training is extensive and ongoing. New franchise owners receive training in every aspect of running a great business, including five to fifteen days in a TacoTime franchise location, as well as training you to teach your team how to provide the best Mexican QSR experience on the market.

“TacoTime is a brand with franchise owners who have been operating great businesses for 20, 30 and even 40 years,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Kahala Brands, the parent company of the TacoTime franchise. “Our average unit sales revenue is over $1 million (for the top 20% of our traditional stores, according to Item 19 of our FDD); and while that is a terrific number, it is the result of two things: 1) we have been extremely strategic about where we place new TacoTime locations, and 2) we franchise with entrepreneurs who are passionate about the food, their customers and their staff. We only open restaurants in locations that have the population density to support a great business; and furthermore, TacoTime is an easy-to-run business that requires a good work ethic and the discipline to follow our proven business model.”

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