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Why TacoTime™ franchise is the Best Mexican Franchise to Buy

Now is the time to consider investing in a TacoTime franchise as we continue to grow and seek expansion

Mexican food is among the most popular menus in the USA, ranking as the third most popular choice since 2014 according to CHD expert. As a fast-casual Mexican food franchise, TacoTime franchise can be a wise choice for entrepreneurs looking to enhance their portfolios or realize their dream of small business ownership. We have been serving up favorites since our founding in 1960. And now, as we have nearly 300 locations in the United States and Canada, can be a great time to invest as we continue our growth beyond our establishments in the Pacific Northwest. For 60 years, our brand awareness and our cult following has shown that consumers love TacoTime, and our franchise owners can benefit from that. 

TacoTime franchise outside view

Our franchise opportunities are have been scalable in markets throughout the country. We apply complete, hands-on training and support from a team of industry veterans. Our business model is designed to maximize profitability and productivity, which allows our franchisees to scale up to multi-unit ownership.

“Right now can be a very good time to invest because we are actively aspiring to expand, seeing as we get hundreds of requests every year for more locations,” says Kevin Gingrich, Brand President with TacoTime and owner of several TacoTime Mexican franchise locations in Utah. “We involve our franchisees in everything we do – from R&D to marketing to new innovations and mandates. We deliver everything our franchisees need to ensure their business can be successful. We want them involved so that they feel 100 percent behind what we’re doing.”

Owners benefit from our commitment to better food with fresh ingredients

As half of Americans are eating Mexican food at least once a month according to The Atlantic, TacoTime is a part of a $52 billion industry. Franchising with us means capitalizing on a cuisine that’s never out of style. 

This is why we offer an assortment of customizable tacos, burritos, salads, nachos, and quesadillas. We continue to take inventive initiatives, incorporating a playful yet sensible perspective on traditional Mexican fare. We maintain the freshest ingredients that are both fast and affordable. Our brand promise is our dedication to fresh, real, ingredients that make our food better than our competitors’. 

We never offer gimmicks, only fresh, simple ingredients prepared daily at each restaurant. Simplicity not only entices our loyal customers but also makes our business model attractive to entrepreneurs.

“We’ve seen our competitors come and go, while our franchise owners have been in business for decades,” says Gingrich. “The TacoTime difference – that real ingredients make better food – was proven with the baby boomers when our franchise system got going and continues today with millennials who are focusing on the quality of their food. TacoTime is truly a brand with staying power.”

Ready to open a TacoTime franchise in your community?

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