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Capture A Piece Of The Mexican Food Market With A TacoTime Franchise

Tap into a brand with high-quality products and industry-leading franchise support and debut an exciting new player on the local dining scene 

Communities across the United States are hungry — literally — for new experiences. That’s why so many entrepreneurs are looking to open a TacoTime Franchise establishment, but they don’t want to go with just another sandwich shop, or other overdone concept.   

Enter the TacoTime™ Mexican fast-food franchise opportunity. After 60+ years of success in the Pacific Northwest region, this iconic brand is popping up in communities elsewhere across the United States. 

Proven menu and operational processes are strong pluses 

“We have an amazing brand, and we’re opening it up to go nationwide,” says Ray Zandi, Vice President of Franchise Development. “We’ve been extremely strong in Canada, western Washington, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana over the years. Now new TacoTime franchise owners are recreating that buzz in their communities elsewhere in the United States.”   

mexican food franchise server and tray of food

TacoTime’s longevity and ability to outshine other Mexican food franchise brands comes down to the food and the experience. Everything on the menu is made fresh every day and paired with outstanding customer service and affordable prices. It’s a simple business model, and one that’s helped TacoTime franchise owners build a valuable business asset and realize financial independence for more than half a century.   

Kahala Brands provides unmatched support 

New TacoTime owners, whether longtime food operators or new to business ownership, also will be pleased by the training and support they get from corporate parent Kahala Brands. It starts with a training and marketing team in preparation for go-live, then extends through ongoing mentoring, up-to-date operational systems and much more.  

“Kahala has successfully grown many other brands across the country, all of which informs how TacoTime franchise owners are trained and supported,” Zandi says. “This is a major way that TacoTime stands out in the Mexican food franchise space. Potential owners, when they do their research, are very impressed with Kahala’s record — and they should be. It really does take TacoTime to a different level in the competitive Mexican food franchise space.”  

TacoTime is ready for the spotlight. With more than 350 locations in the United States and Canada, the successful Mexican food franchise is ready to break out of its home turf in the Pacific Northwest and hit the national stage. TacoTime is looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing authentic and affordable Mexican food to their communities. TacoTime is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands™ family. 

Ready to open a TacoTime franchise in your community? 

To learn more about TacoTime, visit our research pages, or download our free Franchise Information Report. 

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