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Fast, Fresh & Fun: How TacoTime Has Beaten The Competition For 50+ Years

Create buzz — and business — by introducing this iconic brand to your community, then watch how fast it can become a local favorite

TacoTime™ Mexican food franchise owners don’t follow trends — they set them. Not by being “trendy,” which is easy in a crowded fast-casual dining landscape. Rather, TacoTime owners go back to the basics of quality food at great prices to create a craveable, “don’t miss” destination.

TacoTime franchise outside view

“TacoTime was built on the idea that delicious Mexican food, prepared the way customers want it, is a concept that never goes out of style,” says Kari Combs, Vice President of Operations. “At the same time, this is not a static brand. Some items have been on the menu since the early 1960s, certainly, but over time they have been joined by many new offerings, and there are always new and innovative menu items in development to keep the customers engaged.”

Evolving, expanding menu gets owner input

That’s because the TacoTime menu is always under study by an advisory council made up of franchise owners, who in partnership with the Kahala Brands™ R&D team are always making suggestions and trying things out in test kitchens. If everyone likes what they see, smell and taste, then those items make their way out to a few locations to see what the dining public thinks.


“This isn’t about copying what a competitor is doing,” Combs says. “Rather, the franchise advisory council and other TacoTime Mexican food franchise owners carefully listen to what their diners say they would like to see, and then everyone collaborates to see if that’s an option for the TacoTime brand. Some of the menu’s most popular items have been created in just that fashion.”

TacoTime Franchise owner engagement – a brand differentiator

In fact, that kind of owner involvement is a hallmark of the TacoTime Mexican food franchise opportunity. Over the decades, it has created the same kind of franchise owner loyalty that TacoTime gets from its customers, which is why there are many multi-unit owners across the enterprise.

“Franchise owners are the lifeblood of TacoTime,” Combs says. “They love to be in the middle, between their customers and the corporate team that’s dedicated to supporting them. TacoTime has grown for more than 60 years thanks to those lines of communication, and it’s a formula that continues to yield dividends for everyone involved.”

TacoTime is ready for the spotlight. With locations in the United States and Canada, the successful Mexican food franchise is ready to break out of its home turf in the Pacific Northwest and hit the national stage. TacoTime is looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing authentic and affordable Mexican food to their communities. TacoTime is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands™ family.

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