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TacoTime Marketing Efforts Are a True Partnership With Franchise Owners

A strategy that involves both corporate and local marketing and promotion creates multiple opportunities to boost brand awareness and visitor traffic

Advertising is a key business driver in the fast-casual dining sector, and it’s top of mind for everyone involved in the TacoTime® Mexican food franchise brand. From owners who operate robust social media accounts to corporate teams researching the best ways to tap into consumer demand, marketing and promotion are a big deal.

“One reason TacoTime has been a consumer favorite for more than 50 years is how it’s positioned itself in terms of marketing and advertising,” says Kevin Gingrich, President. “From the old days of newspaper coupons and flyers to today’s digital marketplace, the brand has kept up with the times, and so kept itself in front of consumers when they are making dining decisions.”

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Franchise owners have strong input

As with so many other elements of the TacoTime Mexican food franchise opportunity, franchise owners have a strong voice when it comes to advertising around promotions and brand awareness. In Wyoming, for example, longtime owners Denise and Lee Staley have served on owner committees that address marketing at the national level, and they also do a lot of their own legwork locally.

“We had a Facebook® page up and running early on; we were pioneers of social media for TacoTime,” Denise Staley says. “We’ve also been able to rely on the brand’s corporate partners for anything we need to enhance the messaging we put out through social media. The marketing team is great — if we need a downloadable flyer or image for a menu special, they’re on top of it and get it out to us right away.”

Shared strategy provides nimble, comprehensive results

That partnership, Staley adds, gives her the flexibility that would be afforded by having her own in-house marketing team, which is an invaluable asset.

“We have ideas, they have ideas, and everyone is talking to one another so that we can all move forward quickly and professionally,” she says. “Local marketing is different for everyone, and having access to the corporate messaging, as well as the production team to help us with what we’re also doing locally, is a great way to stay creative in terms of what we’re out there telling customers.”

TacoTime is ready for the spotlight. With more than 350 locations in the United States and Canada, the Mexican food franchise is ready to break out of its home turf in the Pacific Northwest and hit the national stage. TacoTime is looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing authentic and affordable Mexican food to their communities. TacoTime is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands™ family.

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