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TacoTime Franchises Enter The Vegan Market With New Burrito

Impossible burritos help drive revenues for TacoTime franchise owners

TacoTime™ Mexican food franchises have been a mainstay across the Pacific Northwest for more than 60 years. Now this legendary brand is making its way into other markets across the United States, where its combination of fantastic food and high-quality service is earning loyal customers with a wide variety of dietary specifications, including the rapidly growing vegan market.

That’s because TacoTime, thanks to ongoing R&D fueled by franchise owner and consumer feedback, is always trying new menu items alongside traditional favorites. In summer 2022, the brand debuted the Impossible Burrito, a limited-run item featuring Impossible™ Meat, a plant-based protein. While it’s only around for a short time (unless its popularity makes it a permanent addition), vegan customers can enjoy TacoTime’s veggie burrito and other menu items.

tacotime neon green sign vegan marketVegan market forecast to reach new heights

This market is huge and growing. According to Fortune Business Insights (FBR), the global vegan food market was valued at $23.31 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $61.35 billion by 2028.

“Strong demand for alternative dairy products and meat substitute products is expected to boost the adoption of vegan food. Rising awareness regarding the product’s benefits is expected to boost production adoption. Furthermore, rising health consciousness among consumers leads to the adoption of nutritional meat alternatives. Moreover, companies launch different and innovative products to improve their consumer base and enhance their brand image,” according to FBR.

What is included in the vegan market?

Entering the vegan market is a smart play, and this test run shows how plugged in TacoTime is to evolving consumer tastes, and finding ways to connect those to revenue opportunities at franchises. It’s important to note that vegans aren’t simply vegetarians. They do not eat any food derived from animals. In addition to not eating meat or eggs, they also do not consume dairy products.

“TacoTime receives a lot of consumer inquiries about our food and vegan options,” says Ray Zandi, Vice President of Franchise Development. “In most cases, menu items can adapt to meet specific dietary needs. Vegan customers have a high threshold around both ingredients and preparation, however, and so it was important to TacoTime to try a new product that those consumers can enjoy. The Impossible Burrito has performed very well for franchises, and we hope to continue exploring the rapidly growing vegan market.”

Learn more about how TacoTime drives franchise revenue

Innovative new products and an R&D team with their finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment is just one way that TacoTime franchise owners are able to grow their business and drive revenue.

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