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3 Reasons to Invest in Our Mexican Fast Food Franchise in 2021

TacoTime franchise is seeking passionate entrepreneurs to meet rising demand in the fast-casual Mexican food market

The new year is going to be a big year for the restaurant industry, and a great time to realize your dreams of going into business for yourself.  According to Moody’s Recovery Forecast, restaurant profits are expected to rise by 15% in 2021, and QSR brands like our Mexican fast food franchise are expected to lead the way.

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One of the reasons why TacoTime franchise owners could experience strong sales last year is because of our drive-thru. According to new research from The NPD Group, Americans increased drive-thru visits by 26 percent, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021. The brands that deliver on: exceptional food, quick, friendly service, and affordability are poised to do well in 2021 – luckily, these are the areas where TacoTime shines.

With the predicted rise in the fast-casual Mexican food market, we’ve compiled three more reasons why 2021 is the year to invest in TacoTime franchises.

Expected growth in 2021 driven by customers seeking customizable food options

When a customer feels a connection to the TacoTime brand, both sales, and loyalty increase. According to Mckinsey, the benefits of modifying products to meet your customer needs is a lucrative business strategy. Those advantages consist of reduced acquisition costs of up to 50 percent, revenue upticks nearing 5-15 percent, and an increase in marketing spend efficiency by 10-30 percent.

Today’s consumers are seeking exceptional and tailor-made commodities. After the year of events in 2020, the quality of our dollar is more essential than ever and customers are placing more emphasis on the value of experience. The personalization in TacoTime’s menu accommodates a wide variety of consumer needs – creating virtually unlimited potential growth in the market.

Our diverse flavors offer an assortment of customizable tacos, burritos, salads, nachos, and quesadillas. TacoTime’s cuisine is inventive and unique, incorporating a playful sensibility into traditional Mexican fare.

Throughout our 60 years of improving our best business practices, TacoTime has developed fast and affordable, high-quality products with fresh, real ingredients. With filling portions and total customization, taco customers across more than 300 locations are pursuing the TacoTime experience.

The rewards of personalization aren’t just personal – for TacoTime franchise owners, they can be substantially lucrative.

Franchisees can have stronger competitive advantages through the ongoing support of parent company, Kahala Brands™

Kahala Brands is made up of 28 brands – but one unified mission. The quick-service tycoons believe that strength in numbers translates to strength in business.

Any entrepreneur that wants to excel in business should consider the advantages that TacoTime franchises offer with the backing of global advertising and branding. Guests can visit any of the approximately 2,800 Kahala locations and trust they will be greeted with the same consistency and quality they’ve received at their local TacoTime. That brand awareness means that TacoTime is recognized nation-wide and guests are comforted by our familiarity and dependable service – which can drive repeat customers and ROI.

While franchisees might be in business for themselves, they aren’t in business by themselves. Our support network has allowed hundreds of entrepreneurs to establish their business ownership dreams through franchising. We have a proven model that emphasizes simplicity and efficiency and we provide extensive training and instruction. Our support network is focused on equipping franchisees with all the tools they need to provide exceptional customer service and increase profitability.

Franchising with TacoTime can be a low-cost investment with an exceptional track record of helping entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership

The initial investment to open one of our Mexican food franchises ranges from $331,150 – $636,800, according to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document. The reason we provide a range is that every market is different and items can vary across markets, including signage, rent, and more. However, the initial franchise fee is $30,000, and the franchise fee for multiple units may be discounted based on certain conditions and criteria.

The reason for TacoTime’s low cost of entry is simple: our buildout costs can be substantially lower than other brands in the crowded Mexican QSR space. Ultimately, this gives TacoTime franchise owners a quicker ramp-up time to allow for a potentially faster return on investment.

“As TacoTime moves forward, we want to find entrepreneurs who are not only passionate about our food and service but also have the desire to grow their business and their communities,” says Ray Zandi, Vice President of Development.

Start 2021 as the owner of a TacoTime franchise

To learn more about TacoTime, visit our research pages or download our free Franchise Information Report.

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