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Corn and Tortilla Chips Market Expected to Reach $237 Million by 2023

With the corn and tortilla market set to explode further, now is the perfect time to invest in a TacoTime franchise

The influence of Mexican food in American homes can be found in the consumption of one of the most preferred foods, tortilla chips. According to Statista, Americans consumed 231 million corn and tortilla chips in 2019, and this number is expected to reach 237 million by 2023. 

Mexican food in the United States is not only seen in millions of kitchens in America, but also at restaurants, which total more than 59,000, according to global foodservice data company CHD Expert. This love for Mexican food in the U.S. marks a Mexican food trend of rapid growth due to consumer demand that shows no sign of taking its foot off the gas soon.

Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend by owning a brand that everyone craves, TacoTime®. Our iconic Mexican food franchise is the perfect seasoning for those looking for a low-cost business opportunity with high margins. Founded 60 years ago, we are known for our cult-like following in the Pacific Northwest. Why? At TacoTime, our Mexican food isn’t just local and affordable, it also comes with a deliciously fresh difference that customers can taste. While other Mexican QSRs cut corners when it comes to their fare, TacoTime has always believed that fresh, real ingredients make the best food. This is why our world-famous Crisp Burritos are rolled by hand and our chips, taco shells and salsa frescas are made fresh daily in-house. 

“The key difference with TacoTime is our taste profile,” says Kevin Gingrich, Brand President of TacoTime and owner of several TacoTime franchise locations in Utah. “It tastes good because of the seasonings that we have, which are proprietary spice blends created for TacoTime. But our bigger unique factor is how many items we make in-house.”

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TacoTime Has Plenty of Prime Locations Available

TacoTime is poised for expansion beyond our Pacific Northwest roots as more Americans are craving a fresh take on Mexican food and are eating out more. Even better, new franchise owners can capitalize on this as nearly 80 percent of millennial parents visit restaurants at least once a week, according to Technomic data. This not only makes this demographic the highest restaurant users of any group, but this generation also is expected to be the biggest food and beverage spenders within 10 years, notes this data. 

TacoTime is looking for savvy entrepreneurs to bring our high-quality, great-tasting Mexican food to their communities. We have ample expansion opportunities beyond our regional stronghold in the Northwest United States, as American consumers, especially millennials, seek out fresh food made with authenticity. While we are primarily focusing on cities in the Dakotas, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Nevada, there are numerous territories throughout the country. 

In addition to low startup costs, which include a $30,000 franchise fee for first-time owners, the TacoTime Mexican food franchise opportunity stands out due to its tremendous brand recognition and customer loyalty, alongside a strong franchise network. TacoTime is led by a veteran franchise team and has a dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands™ family. One of the fastest-growing franchise companies in the world with a large selection of high-quality, QSR brands, Kahala is dedicated to developing business models while providing you with the necessary tools and support you need to successfully thrive over the long-term. 

“TacoTime is a brand with franchise owners who have been operating great businesses for 20, 30 and even 40 years,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Kahala Brands. “Our average unit sales revenue is over $1 million (for the top 20 percent of our traditional stores, according to Item 19 of our FDD),  and while that is a terrific number, it is the result of two things. First, we have been extremely strategic about where we place new TacoTime locations. Second, we franchise with entrepreneurs who are passionate about the food, their customers and their staff. We only open restaurants in locations that have the population density to support a great business, and furthermore, TacoTime is an easy-to-run business that requires a good work ethic and the discipline to follow our experienced business model. 

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